These diagrams provide information on the Sydney Trains Infrastrucuture.

  • Drivers Route Knowledge Diagrams (DRKD)

    The Drivers Route Knowledge Diagrams (DRKD) are a stylised diagram showing the layout of major infrastructure in the Sydney Trains Network approved for train crew knowledge only.

  • Network Local Appendices (NLAs)

    Network Local Appendices (NLAs) describe the Signallers, Network Controllers, the systems of Safeworking, the infrastructure, and the operation of that infrastructure for locations in the Sydney Trains network.

    The meanings of symbols and standard phrases used in the NLAs are explained in the introduction.

  • Worksite Protection Planning Diagrams (WPPD)
  • The Worksite Protection Planning Diagrams (WPPD) was established to support the Rail Corridor Safety Program. The diagrams are generated from the Sydney Trains Infrastructure GIS (Geospatial Information System) and are organised into books with each book covering a part of the Sydney Trains Infrastructure Network.

Note: These are uncontrolled documents and all information should be verified in the field.