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The most recent safety alerts relevant to Sydney Trains operations.

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Bankstown Line Electrical Infrastructure Changes

Sydney Metro (MTS) have advised that they are preparing to energise electrical infrastructure along the Bankstown corridor. This change includes energising substations, 1500V overhead wire, Padmounts and high-voltage cables in galvanised steel troughs (GST) along the route, and introduces a hazard that personnel need to be aware of.

Read more in the Safety Alert - Bankstown Line Electrical Infrastructure Changes.

Eastern Suburbs Railway (ESR) Troughing

The ESR contains asbestos cement cable troughing as a legacy material used in its construction in the late 1970’s. A recent inspection conducted prior to cabling works has identified the presence of asbestos containing dust within the troughing at various locations.

Sydney Trains has established processes for working with Asbestos Containing Material (ACM).

Read about this in this Safety Alert - Eastern Suburbs Railway (ESR) Troughing.

Sydenham Maintenance Centre

Information for all Sydney Trains’ workers, including contractors, involved with undertaking work on or shunting rollingstock.

Read more about this in the Safety Alert - Sydenham Maintenance Centre.