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Digital Protection Officer Workbook

Complete your worksite protection planning online.

What is the Digital Protection Officer Workbook (DPOWB)?

It’s an interactive, fully digitised tool that gives POs the option to move away from a paper-based process by completing and submitting their workbooks online.

Key features are:

  • PO portal with individual login
  • Ability to create and markup worksite protection diagrams
  • NRF 014, NRF 015 and NRF 017 forms, prefilled with PO details
  • Customised user address book and safety contacts
  • Ability to share workbooks with coaches and managers
  • Automatically calculates MWT
  • Digital acknowledgement of revisions.

How do I get access?

Visit the Portal and click on the ‘Sign up’ link to register for an account. Please allow five working days for your application to be processed.

What training resources are available?

  1. Tutorial videos
  2. Cheat sheet
  3. User guide for registered users which is accessible in the footer of the DPOWB
  4. Rail Safety Coaches (RSCs) – please contact your RSC for additional support in using the system.