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Terms and Conditions

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All of the material published electronically on this site is for informational purposes only. Sydney Trains does not guarantee that the information is complete or correct. Unless otherwise stated, the authorised version of all reports, guides and other information should be sourced from official printed versions or directly from the agency.

Sydney Trains is committed to protecting your right to privacy.

You have the right to know what information the RailSafe site collects about users, why the information is collected and how the information is used and, if the information is to be disclosed.

If you have any questions about this site, or the application of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW), or a request for access to information held please contact:

The Privacy Officer
Information & Privacy Unit
Sydney Trains
PO Box K349
Haymarket NSW 1238
Phone: 02 8922 1308

What information do we collect and why?

Sydney Trains looks at the RailSafe visit data to help us improve our site and provide better information and services.

When you access the RailSafe website, information is automatically logged about each page accessed and identifies:

  • Your IP address (this shows the location of your computer on the Internet)
  • Your top-level domain name (for example .com, .gov .au etc)
  • The date and time of your visit
  • The pages accessed and documents downloaded
  • The type of browser and operating system you have used

Sydney Trains may also perform analysis of how users move through the RailSafe site so that we can measure interest in various areas of the website. Sydney Trains does not identify users or their browsing activities.

If you submit a website feedback form, the details that you submit to Sydney Trains will be securely stored and used for the purpose of improving the RailSafe website and services and provides support to users to access further information around Sydney Trains operational rules and procedures.