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NPR 000 General information about Network Forms

This document describes how Network Forms must be issued, fulfilled, cancelled and managed.

Version 7.0, 14 May 2023


This document describes how Network Forms must be issued, fulfilled, cancelled and managed.

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This procedure describes general information about Network Forms used in the Network.

Instructions about when to use these forms are given in the Network Rules and Network Procedures.

Each Network Form has its own Network Procedure, which includes:

  • a blank specimen form, and
  • specific instructions on how to complete the form.


When completing forms, Qualified Workers must:

  • write clearly in ink unless completing an electronic form
  • print words and figures clearly
  • write numbers as numerals, not words
  • draw a single line through errors, and if required, print the correction above them
  • initial corrections in the margin beside the correction
  • use only authorised abbreviations.

If it is not possible to send a copy of a form to an affected worker, Qualified Workers may jointly compile the form.

Numbered boxes

Numbered boxes are used on forms to indicate if information about an item is mandatory or optional.

Mandatory items

If an item does not have a numbered box, the item is mandatory and must be completed.

Optional items

Optional items, or items that include choices, are indicated by a numbered box:

  • if the item does not apply, put a cross in the numbered box , or
  • if the item does apply, tick the numbered box numbered box with tick and complete the item.

Cancelling and fulfilling forms

Fulfilling a form

If all the instructions in the authority have been completed, fulfil the authority by writing FULFILLED between parallel diagonal lines across the form.

Cancelling a form

If some or none of the instructions in a form have been completed, cancel the form by writing CANCELLED between parallel diagonal lines across the form.

Signing and dating

Between the parallel diagonal lines, write:

  • the date and time the form is fulfilled or cancelled
  • your name and signature.

Special instructions

Completing ‘location’, ‘panel’, ‘km’, or ‘specified limit’

Write the name of the location and/or the kilometrage of the location, for example:

  • Sulphide jct
  • 157.300 km
  • Thirroul 70.145 km
  • Up accept Sig S154.

Completing ‘designation’

Write the role you are performing, for example:

  • Driver
  • Protection Officer
  • Track Vehicle Operator
  • Signaller
  • Network Controller.

If a form has one or more items where the same Signaller is required to provide their name, designation, or location details, the Signaller:

  • must give full details at the first item
  • may insert AS ABOVE at the next items that require the same information.