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NGE 234 Responsibilities of Signallers

This document describes the responsibilities of Signallers.

Version 3.1, 30 September 2018


This document describes the responsibilities of Signallers.

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To prescribe the responsibilities of Signallers.


The primary responsibility of Signallers is to set routes for the safe and efficient transit of rail traffic in the area under their control.

Signallers must:

  • make sure that signalling equipment is operated safely
  • respond to signalling equipment failures and warning alarms
  • in accordance with Network Rules and Network Procedures, authorise and issue:
    • Proceed Authorities
    • work on track authorities
    • work on track methods
  • tell affected Signallers about work on track details
  • get authority from the Network Controller for unscheduled rail traffic to depart their area of control
  • tell affected Network Controllers and Signallers about rail traffic movements that become delayed or out‑of‑course
  • as required, report rail traffic details to affected Network Controllers and Signallers
  • promptly report breaches of Network Rules and Network Procedures to the controlling officer and the Network Controller.

Signallers may divert rail traffic to avoid unnecessary delays.

Signallers must compile and maintain, in permanent form, relevant records and reports about:

  • authorities issued by them
  • work on track details
  • conditions and movements in sections and locations under their authority.