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NGE 212 Network information publications

This document describes the requirements for access to Network information publications.

Version 4.0, 29 April 2017


This document describes the requirements for access to Network information publications.

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To prescribe the rules about access to Network information publications.

Information services

Qualified Workers must have access to the following publications that relate to their area of work in the Network:

  • Network Rules
  • Network Procedures
  • Network Forms
  • Network Local Appendices (NLAs)
  • SAFE Notices
  • TOM Notices
  • Weekly Notices
  • Electrical Safety Instructions
  • Special Train Notices (STNs)
  • Speed Restriction Notices
  • Train Operating Conditions (TOC) manual
  • Train Operating Conditions (TOC) Waivers.

Qualified Workers must be provided with relevant information about changes to the above publications which affect their work duties and responsibilities.

Organisations employing Qualified Workers in the Network must make sure that they provide workers with information and Network publications relevant to their duties.

Network Standards

Network Standards prescribe the minimum requirements for rail operations in the Network.

Network Standards must be met by organisations whose operations could impact the safe operation of the Network.

Organisations are responsible for ensuring that:

  • they meet current Network Standards
  • Qualified Worker-specific procedures are developed, implemented and maintained for their employees
  • their employees’ training needs are assessed
  • appropriate training and briefing methods are established for their employees.

Responding to information services

Qualified Workers must read and use the information in relevant publications to do their work.


Network publications must be issued on behalf of Sydney Trains by an authorised person.