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NGE 210 Speed restrictions during hot weather

This document describes the requirements related to speed restrictions during hot weather.

Version 3.1, 30 September 2018


This document describes the requirements related to speed restrictions during hot weather.

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To prescribe the rules for imposing speed restrictions in the Network during hot weather (WOLO).

Imposing speed restrictions

The  Network Controller must be notified of hot weather conditions that require WOLO speed restrictions to be imposed by:

  • a Maintenance Representatives, or
  • automated devices.

If the notification is by automated device, the Network Controller must tell the Maintenance Representative.

The Network Controller must tell affected Network Controllers and Signallers.

The Network Controller must issue a WOLO Notice to affected:

  • Network Controllers and Signallers, and
  • nominated Operators’ Representatives.

WOLO Notices must specify the affected areas and lines.

WOLO speed restrictions apply:

  • only on the day they are imposed, and
  • unless otherwise notified, between 1200hr and 2000hr.

Notifying Drivers and Track Vehicle Operators

Until Drivers and Track Vehicle Operators are warned by other means, Signallers must arrange for Drivers and Track Vehicle Operators to be given a Condition Affecting the Network (CAN) warning before rail traffic enters an affected portion of track.

Maintenance Representatives must arrange to display WOLO speed restriction signs for the duration of the speed restrictions at the locations nominated in the Train Operating Conditions (TOC) manual.

Altering and cancelling speed restrictions

Maintenance Representatives, directly or by automated device, may:

  • alter the duration of WOLO speed restrictions, or
  • cancel WOLO speed restrictions.

If WOLO speed restriction signs are no longer needed, Maintenance Representatives must arrange for the signs to be no longer displayed.

If a WOLO is cancelled before the advertised time, Network  Controllers must arrange for Operators and affected Signallers to be told.

Recording speed restrictions

The Maintenance Representative must record the times that WOLO speed restrictions are imposed, altered or cancelled.

For areas under their control, Network Controllers and Signallers must record, in permanent form, the details about WOLO speed restrictions being imposed, altered and cancelled.

Speed limits

During WOLO speed restrictions, rail traffic must travel no faster than the speeds listed in the Train Operating Conditions (TOC) manual.

Advertising WOLO Speeds

WOLO speed sign locations and speed restrictions are advertised periodically in a Weekly Notice.