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NTR 432 Protecting Activities Associated with In-service Rail Traffic

Drivers, Track Vehicle Operators and other Qualified workers need to communicate effectively to Signallers by providing specific information to request protection for activities associated with in-service rail traffic such as:

  • Train Crew accessing the Danger Zone to change ends on in-service rail traffic
  • Drivers and other Qualified Workers inspecting, fault finding and repairing in-service rail traffic
  • Train Crew assessing in-service rail traffic by crossing multiple train lines
  • Protecting Qualified Workers:
    • Controlling propelling operations
    • Performing shunting, or re-marshalling activities.

See also the NTR 432 Cue Card that outlines the important steps and safety critical communication assurances to follow when requesting protection.

NTR 432 Protecting activities associated  with in-service rail traffic