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Updates to NRF 014, NRF 015A-D, and NRF 017 forms

From Sunday 5 November 2023, NRF 014, NRF 015A-D, and NRF 017 forms will be updated and relaunched.

How do I access the new forms?

Visit the RailSafe Forms page to download and print the updated forms as they are no longer available to order on the catalogue. Please note the new PDFs are not interactive so you’ll need to complete them by hand. To determine Minimum Warning Time, please visit the MWT calculator or NPR 751 on RailSafe.

As forms and diagrams are regularly updated, we recommend that you always check to ensure you are using current versions.

I’m a Protection Officer, what do I need to do?

If you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you register for access to the Protection Officer Portal which allows you to complete and submit your workbooks online. It also gives you automatic access to the latest forms, Drivers Route Knowledge Diagrams and Worksite Protection Planning Diagrams.

For more information on the portal and access to training resources, visit the PO Portal information page on RailSafe.

What about pre-printed stock for NRF 014, NRF 015A-D, and NRF 017?

The pre-printed stock of these forms is now out of date and should be disposed of.

Need more information?

For any questions relating to this change please email