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New drug testing method is coming to Sydney Trains in July

From July 2024, oral fluid testing for on-the-spot drug checks will become part of Sydney Trains' random drug and alcohol testing procedure. This is in addition to our current testing methods, which include collecting breath and urine samples.

Oral fluid testing is a non-invasive method which delivers results onsite in 30 minutes, enhancing safety compliance. This change has been consulted on and communicated to the combined rail unions.

Sydney Trains’ Drug and Alcohol Policy and Management Program applies to all Sydney Trains people, contractors, volunteers, visitors, or Transport employees working on the Sydney Trains network.

Coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol can severely impair judgment and coordination, leading to potentially harmful outcomes for our people and passengers.

It’s up to each of us to make sure we're mentally and physically fit for work to help keep our people and passengers safe. This means being drug and alcohol-free during your shift, on your way to and from work, and if you’re on call. If you’ve consumed any drugs or alcohol outside of work, be mindful that some substances can remain in your system for longer periods.

Watch the video to see the new oral fluid test procedure in action

Key documents

  1. Sydney Trains Drug and Alcohol Policy
  2. Sydney Trains Drug and Alcohol Management Program

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