RISI Waivers for individuals

Waivers from the requirements of RISI for individuals

Applying for a RISI waiver

Where a waiver is required for an individual, the sponsor requesting the waiver must submit to an Authorised Person a completed NRFM-1496 Application for RISI Waiver form.

Sponsors requesting a waiver for individuals should consider the following before applying for a waiver to be issued:

  • the waiver will not be issued for a period of greater than five working days
  • a safety assessment has been done
  • all necessary safety arrangements will be in place to protect the person when in the Danger Zone
  • the person will be supervised at all times when in the Danger Zone by a person holding a RSW Card with relevant Worksite Protection competencies, and
  • the person will wear approved high-visibility clothing and other applicable PPE.

RISI waivers are not normally considered for workers who have completed their RISI training but are awaiting the issue of their card unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Individuals may have the RISI requirements waived for specific purposes and for limited periods of time by the following Authorised Persons:

Sydney Trains - Service Delivery Customer Operations

Mark AhalSEQR Advisor0414 169 675Mark.Ahal@transport.nsw.gov.au
John GandySEQR Professional0428 883 824John.Gandy@transport.nsw.gov.au
John VauxSEQR Professional0466 525 562John.Vaux@transport.nsw.gov.au

Sydney Trains - Service Delivery Engineering & Maintenance

Nathan BarnesSenior Manager SEQR Service Delivery0477 716 487Nathan.Barnes@transport.nsw.gov.au
Danny GaratoManager SEQR Service Delivery0466 543 704Danny.Garato@transport.nsw.gov.au
Geoff WentManager SEQR Service Delivery0458 073 327Geoffrey.Went@transport.nsw.gov.au
Joshua CawstonSEQR Advisor0477 326 179Joshua.Cawston@transport.nsw.gov.au
Abdul ZreikaSEQR Professional0400 882 085Abdullah.Zreika@transport.nsw.gov.au
Adam PullingSEQR Professional0477 720 272Adam.Pulling@transport.nsw.gov.au
Chris LargeSEQR Professional0455 659 118Chris.Large@transport.nsw.gov.au
Daniel HaynesSEQR Professional0473 545 270Daniel.Haynes@transport.nsw.gov.au
Frank SerraoSEQR Professional0476 838 944Francesco.Serrao@transport.nsw.gov.au
Matt FrenchSEQR Professional0477 286 089Matt.French@transport.nsw.gov.au
Zan KurdiSEQR Professional0400 747 761Zan.Kurdi@transport.nsw.gov.au

Sydney Trains - Service Delivery Train Crewing, SP&I, other Enterprise functions

Aaron PrestonSEQR Professional0466 554 344Aaron.Preston@transport.nsw.gov.au
Mimi TajbakhshSEQR Professional0438 413 844Mimi.Tajbakhsh@transport.nsw.gov.au
Vicky RiddettSEQR Professional0439 426 634Vicky.Riddett@transport.nsw.gov.au

NSW Trains - Customer Service Delivery

George PetersDirector Network Services0438 463 817George.Peters@transport.nsw.gov.au
Sandra GallagherPrincipal Manager Compliance, Standards and Assurance0429 568 420Sandra.Gallagher@transport.nsw.gov.au
Adam AndersonStandards Manager0403 822 010Adam.Anderson@transport.nsw.gov.au