NWT status page

This page shows the current version of the Work on Track (NWT) documents. The table below can be used to verify if printed or downloaded copies are current.

DocumentEffective DateVersion
NWT combined units04 Dec 20221.9
NWT 300 Planning work in the Rail Corridor29 May 20218.3
NWT 302 Local Possession Authority29 Sep 20199.0
NWT 304 Track Occupancy Authority29 Dec 202210.1
NWT 306 Track Work Authority04 Dec 20227.3
NWT 308 Absolute Signal Blocking22 Oct 20218.4
NWT 310 Lookout Working31 Oct 20217.2
NWT 312 Infrastructure Booking Authority29 Sep 20195.1
NWT 314 Work trains04 Dec 20225.1
NWT 316 Track vehicles04 Dec 20227.2
NWT 318 Work that affects traction return currents or track-circuits29 Apr 20174.0
NWT 320 Signal Key Switch Blocking29 Sep 20191.0
NWT 322 Work that affects Automatic Train Protection trackside equipment24 Mar 20191.0