NRF Document Status

This page shows the current version of the Network Forms (NRF). The table below can be used to verify if printed or downloaded copies are current.

DocumentEffective dateUnit VersionForm Version
NRF units combined29 Sep 20191.3 
NRF 000 General information about Network Forms29 Sep 20196.1 
NRF 002 Track Occupancy Authority (TOA)29 May 20215.17.0
NRF 003 Infrastructure Booking Authority (IBA)29 Sep 20195.15.1
NRF 004 Condition Affecting the Network (CAN)29 May 20215.24.2
NRF 005 Special Proceed Authority29 Sep 20195.25.1
NRF 007 Pilot Staff Ticket29 Sep 20195.14.1
NRF 008 Pilot Staff Notice (PSN)29 Sep 20195.04.0
NRF 010 Pilot Staff Working Introduction29 Sep 20194.14.0
NRF 011 Worksite Warning29 Sep 20194.14.0
NRF 012 Unsignalled movement checklist29 Apr 20174.04.0
NRF 013 Temporary Rail Bond Approval29 Sep 20194.14.0
NRF 014 Worksite Protection Pre-work Briefing29 Sep 20195.16.0
NRF 015 Worksite Protection Plan20 Dec 20205.2Refer to
NRF 015A
NRF 015B
NRF 015C
NRF 015D
NRF 015A Worksite Protection Plan Refer to
NRF 015
NRF 015B Worksite Protection Plan for Lookout Working Refer to
NRF 015
NRF 015C Worksite Protection Plan for Absolute Signal Blocking Refer to
NRF 015
NRF 015D Worksite Protection Plan for TWA or SKS Blocking Refer to
NRF 015
NRF 017 Protection Officer's Diary29 Apr 20173.03.0
NRF 018 Absolute Signal Blocking (ASB)20 Dec 20202.33.1

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