NGE status page

This page shows the current version of the General (NGE) documents. The table below can be used to verify if printed or downloaded copies are current.

DocumentEffective DateVersion
NGE combined units04 Dec 20221.5
NGE 200 Walking in the Danger Zone29 Apr 20174.0
NGE 202 Handsignals29 Apr 20174.0
NGE 204 Network communication29 Sep 20194.2
NGE 206 Reporting and responding to a Condition Affecting the Network (CAN)29 May 20213.2
NGE 208 Responding to a major incident04 Dec 20224.2
NGE 210 Speed restrictions during hot weather30 Sep 20183.1
NGE 212 Network information publications29 Apr 20174.0
NGE 214 Network Incident Notice (NIN)29 Apr 20173.0
NGE 216 Level crossings30 Sep 20184.1
NGE 218 Type F level crossing management30 Sep 20184.1
NGE 220 Unreliable track-circuit operation30 Sep 20184.1
NGE 222 Working around electrical infrastructure29 Apr 20174.0
NGE 224 Planned removal of the 1500V supply30 Sep 20185.1
NGE 226 Planned removal of the 1500V supply in Electric Vehicle Maintenance Centres30 Sep 20185.1
NGE 228 Unplanned removal of the 1500V supply30 Sep 20184.1
NGE 230 Communications equipment30 Sep 20185.1
NGE 232 Responsibilities of Train Crews and Track Vehicle Crews29 Apr 20173.0
NGE 234 Responsibilities of Signallers30 Sep 20183.1
NGE 236 Responsibilities of Network Controllers30 Sep 20184.0
NGE 238 Responsibilities of Protection Officers30 Sep 20181.0