SafeTracks status page

This page shows the current version of the SafeTracks. The table below can be used to verify if printed or downloaded copies are current.

DocumentEffective Date
ST 2023-02 ICE radio Sydney Trains Network23 Feb 2023
ST 2022-03 Correctly defining work on track limits and locations02 Dec 2022
ST 2022-02 Reporting and responding to a Condition Affecting the Network (CAN)19 Jul 2022
ST 2022-01 Working in maintenance centres and stabling yards25 Mar 2022
ST 2021-11 Using Lookouts Safely11 Nov 2021
ST 2021-10 Protecting activities associated with in-service rail traffic31 May 2021
ST 2021-09 Correctly fitting points clips31 May 2021
ST 2021-07 Absolute Signal Blocking30 Apr 2021
ST 2021-06 Planning and recording worksite protection15 Apr 2021
ST 2021-03 Work On Track using X, Y and Z keys21 Jan 2021
ST 2021-02 Handsignaller Responsibilities27 Jan 2021
ST 2021-01 Updating Protection Marker requirements for LPA21 Jan 2021