Policies & Standards status page

This page shows the current versions of Policies & Standards documents. The table below can be used to verify if printed or downloaded copies are current.

Network Standards

DocumentEffective DateVersion

NS 0916 Evacuating people to the track21 Jul 20182.1
NS 0917 Operating rail traffic21 Jul 20184.1
NS 0918 Requirements for Passenger Train Dispatch21 Jul 20184.1
NS 0919 Network Communications26 Feb 20197.0
NS 0920 Determining Yard Limits21 Jul 20181.1
NS 0921 Assessing a proposal for signal key switch installation01 Oct 20181.0
NS 0922 Assessing a proposal to use Wireless ATWS in yard limits20 Aug 20211.0
NS 0923 Rail Industry Safety Induction (RISI)15 Aug 20221.0
NS 1397 Issue and use of XL keys within the Sydney Trains Network30 May 20186.0
NS 1450 Protection Officer Performance Standard16 Jul 20204.1


DocumentEffective DateVersion

Sydney Trains Drug and Alcohol Policy22 Nov 20193.1
Sydney Trains Health and Safety Policy22 Nov 20193.1

Safety Statement

DocumentEffective DateVersion

Safety Statement04 Dec 20221.0

Training and Certification

DocumentEffective DateVersion

Network Rules and Network Procedures Certification Standard15 Aug 20229.0
Network Rules and Network Procedures Training Standard29 Sep 20196.1