Rail Industry Worker

The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Card Program aims to provide a single national competency management system for Rail Industry Workers. The program helps to meet regulatory requirements, comply with national rail safety legislation, and facilitates the potential for competency alignment in the future between rail operators nationally.

There has been a change of providers for the Rail Industry Worker Cards which goes into effect on 13 December 2019. Please view the Rail Industry Worker Program – Transitional Arrangements.

The RIW Card is a smart card equipped with a QR code, with information stored securely in a third party database. The card aims to provide a single point of reference of current work roles and competencies of a rail worker nationally, providing flexibility for the transient nature of the workforce.

For all RIW Card issues and general enquiries email learning@transport.nsw.gov.au.

For more information please visit the RIW website.