How to obtain a TfNSW RSW (RISI) Card

New Cards

1. Complete RSW Card Application form and submit it to training provider with 100 points identification.
2. Complete training
3. Complete medical through Approved Health Provider and provide to training provider

Lost/Replacement Cards or conversion to TfNSW RSW (RISI) card

1. Complete RSW Card Re-issue for Contractors form with all required information
2. Provide medical and updated photo (if required) and send to TfNSW.


Applications for a TfNSW RISI card must be made to your training provider. A fee will apply and arrangements for payment must be made prior to the card being issued. This payment must be made to the training provider upon request for a new card.

Card Processing Timelines

Card processing timelines – 10 working days upon receipt of all information by TfNSW.


All queries in relation to the status of outstanding conversion cards must be made through your training provider. TfNSW is not to be contacted (unless they are the training provider).