Rail Corridor Safety

Rail Corridor Safety addresses the unique and specific risks faced by workers in the Rail Corridor including incidents where injury could occur due to:

  • failure to correctly apply worksite protection
  • failure to assess safety in the Danger Zone
  • failure to correctly apply an electrical authority
  • unauthorised or uncontrolled operation of rail traffic associated with a work on track authority
  • unauthorised breach of worksite protection by rail traffic
  • unauthorised or inappropriate access to the Rail Corridor by one or more individuals

We aim to ensure all workers accessing the Sydney Trains network do so safely. To achieve this, we work closely with:

  • Track Workers
  • Train Crew
  • Station Staff
  • Network Controllers
  • Contractors
  • Project teams

Our team delivers projects to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of worksite protection incidents. The projects cover three key areas:

  • tools and technology
  • staff skills and competence

Our five year strategy includes plans to support all staff and contractors of Sydney Trains. As well as investigating new technologies, we employ a coaching and mentoring approach to reinforce a positive safety culture and ensure front line staff have sufficient knowledge to implement the Network Rules and Network Procedures to achieve a safe outcome.

Contact us at rcsp@transport.nsw.gov.au

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