Order Online

Local Distribution Officers

Before you can order on-line, you will need to make sure you are a registered Local Distribution Officer. Please fill out the Local Distribution Officer form if you are not registered yet.


If you are you are an external contractor who needs to order Network Rules, Network Procedures or NR Forms for your organisation submit an online order today.

If you don't have an existing account to order our products you can create one on the Bluestar online ordering website.

Internal Staff

Sydney Trains, NSW Trains or Transport for NSW staff who need to order Safeworking forms and products must go through their local distribution officer to place their order. Your local Safeworking Distribution Officer can be located in the Weekly Notice.

Local distribution officers who need to order Safeworking and RailSafe products can order online today.

Ordering Online for internal staff

Internal staff will soon be able to order their own stock online. Local distribution officers need to make sure they have access to a Purchasing Card (PCard). If you need assistance with either of these please talk to your administrative support first, or contact the TSS Procurement Helpdesk.

Distribution Officers can go directly to the Bluestar online ordering system and setup an account today. If you need further assistance please contact the Safety Publishing & Distribution Officer.

Setup a new account

To setup a new account:

  1. Login to the online system
  2. Click on Register with Sydney Trains
  3. Enter your details and click on submit