What's New

Absolute Signal Blocking on the Network


Update on Absolute Signal Blocking (ASB)

A new cue card is available for SKS blocking


A new cue card for Signal Key Switch (SKS) Blocking is available on RailSafe for Protection Officers.

RailSafe is changing


We are redesigning RailSafe.

Network Rules & Procedures amendments training


Update on Amendments to Network Rules & Procedures

Protection Markers Update


Protection Markers were introduced in the September 2019 Network Rules amendments to replace the use of red flags/lights during a Local Possession Authority (LPA). SAFE Notices have been published since September 2019 to allow the use of red flags/lights in LPAs, giving time for teams to order and receive the new Protection Markers.

Video Training - Absolute Signal Blocking (ASB) Changes


Video Training for Absolute Signal Blocking (ASB) changes

Protection Officer Recertification


The Protection Officer recertification has been split into two days, with Day 1 having been available since early 2020. Day 2 recertification course will be made available in November 2020.

Re-certification in Signal Key Switch use


Re-certification for Protection Officers qualified in Signal Key Switch use

Worksite Protection Arrangements At Network Interface Locations


Worksite protection arrangements at Interface locations for the Sydney Train Network have now been included in the relevant Network Local Appendices (NLA’s).

Routine Network Maintenance Worksite Protection Plans


Routine Network Maintenance Worksite Protection Plans are available on RailSafe.