Track Protection Officer Logbook

The iTunes U training platform is being decommissioned on 30 November 2021

A new platform, Open LMS, has been built and is ready for use by early December 2021.

This message is for all learners who use iTunes U log book for the Track Protection Officer program TPO01, TPO02 and TPO03.

Transition Plan

If you in are  the process of submitting evidenceProcess

If you have submitted evidence into iTunes U, your files have been downloaded and your iTunes U account has been BLOCKED.

You may have been contacted by Renae Fardon.

Please check your email Inbox.

Or call 0407 334 552

You can continue to collect log book evidence

  • Your Rail Safety Coaches have been provided the Log book assignments.

Email your submissions directly to:

Please ensure you send one email with one evidence submission only, and name the file to match the assignment number.

If you are a new enrolmentProcess

For anyone who has not started submitting evidence in iTunes U and/or has just completed the TPO01 course recently.

You will be enrolled into the new log book Open LMS and be emailed the Log in details and Instructions by early Dec 2021.

The Rail Safety Coaches will have been upskilled and provided instructions so they can continue to support you to collect your evidence.