Signal Key Switch (SKS) Update

A Network Rule and Network Procedures for using Signal Key Switches (SKS) were released on 29th September 2019.

To date over 50 staff have been trained in the use of SKS's. If you are a Protection Officer or Handsignaller Level 2 and need to conduct work on track in an area that can be protected by SKS, you are encouraged to complete training to start using the SKS. The course code for the training is SKS01 and you can register through My Learning on Transport Equip. Alternatively a group session can be organised at your local depot.

There are 14 SKS’s installed over the Network and 12 SKS Signals are now available for use. You can refer to the Safe Notice for the location of SKS signals, or talk with your local Rail Safety Coach.

43 additional signals have been assessed for future installation of SKS’s over the Network.

If you have any questions please email