RNM WPP template and tutorials now available for Document Writers

Current existing RNM WPPs have been developed with collaboration between Network Rules and Document Writers based across the network. With assistance from local Document Writers in the form of Protection Officers, Rail Safety Coaches and Technical Writers, we have refined the RNM WPP layout and content to a level that can be easily reproduced and consistently applied on track.

New and existing Document Writers can now access the following templates when drafting new RNM WPPs:

  • Lookout Working
  • Absolute Signal Blocking (ASB)
  • Track Occupancy Authority (TOA)
  • Track Work Authority (TWA)
  • ATWS Inside Yard Limits
  • ATWS Outside Yard Limits

These can be found in the Resources page under Routine Network Maintenance Worksite Protection Plans.

Additionally a three part video tutorial on how to draft a RNM WPP using the template is also available on the Learn page here.

Watch this space as more templates, guides and tutorials will be made available on RailSafe in the upcoming weeks.