Gold Cards transition to RIW Cards

The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Card has replaced Gold Cards for Contractors

Contractors who hold an existing TfNSW Gold Card will be transitioning to the nationally recognised RIW Card. After 30 May 2016, Gold Cards will no longer be accepted for contractors on TfNSW worksites. Sydney Trains verifiers who currently check Gold Cards will need to check the Gold Card safeworking roles via the RIW mobile app following 30 May 2016.

After 30 May 2016, contractors won’t be given access to a TfNSW/Sydney Trains site without a RIW Card showing the correct work roles.

The valid RIW Card can be a blue version (Rail Safety Worker) or a green version (Rail Industry Worker). The RIW Card must contain a valid “TfNSW – Operator” role.
Existing RIW cardholders must have the “TfNSW – Operator” role added to their card through Onsite. They will not need a new card.

Contractors who work on the Sydney Trains network will move from the Rail Safety Worker/Rail Industry Safety Induction (RISI) Card to the National Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Card.

Valid cards

All cards that can be used to work on the rail corridor can be viewed in the image below.

Gold Cards transition to RIW Cards

How to get a RIW Card

For assistance ring the RIW Support Line on 02 9379 5200 (int. 95200) or email You may also call On Site Track Easy/Pegasus at 1300 777 245.

Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Card Verification App

Sydney Trains authorised site staff will be required to read the RIW Cards via a mobile device or computer via the RIW Web App to confirm the current roles and competencies of the contractor.

If you are an authorised RIW Card Verifier please use the following links to talk you through how to load and use the RIW App.

More information?

More information about Rail Industry Worker card can be found at