Protection Officer Pre-assessment

The PO Pre-assessment is a requirement for becoming a new Track Protection Officer Level 1 Authorised for the Sydney Trains Network.

The Protection Officer Pre-assessment assesses the skills needed to perform the role of a Protection Officer (PO).

It is a formal assessment that involves a structured range of activities. Candidates will be required to meet the minimum benchmark of the PO Pre-assessment to be issued a certificate of completion.

Any learners enrolling in the Track Protection Officer Level 1 course that commences from 3rd October 2022 will be required to complete the PO Pre-assessment to be authorised for the Sydney Trains Network.

You can view all the details including how to enrol in this document -  PO Pre-assessment Info Sheet & Booking Process

For further information, please email

The diagram below depicts the process for Sydney Trains employees and Externals to become a new Track Protection Officer Level 1 TPO01 for the Sydney Train Network.

There are two pathways:

  1. Via TfNSW L&D
  2. Via an Approved Training Provider (ATP) who is authorised to deliver the TPO01 course on behalf of TfNSW L&D.
    Note: If you are already an authorised Protection Officer for the Sydney Trains Network, you are not required to complete the PO Pre-assessment to progress to the next Protection Officer Level.