OSPs go digital

From Sunday, 18th December 2016 the OSPs will be withdrawn as a print publication and will be available only as electronic documents on the RailSafe website.

Removing the printed OSPs will enable the OSP units to be updated individually and without the lead times previously required for printing and distribution. With the transition to electronic-only documents, some OSP units will be transferred from Network Rules custodianship to the relevant business group within Sydney Trains.

The new versions of the OSPs will be effective from 00:01hr on Sunday, 18 December 2016. An OSP's effective date is shown in the document, and are summarised in the OSP Status Sheet.

Printing a document from RailSafe will make it an uncontrolled copy, and may not be current after the day of its printing.

Users are encouraged to check RailSafe for the most up-to-date resources regularly.

Printed OSPs distributed in July 2014 and associated Safe Notices must be destroyed to prevent referencing to out-of-date documents.

OSP 8 Transposing trains and OSP 19 Compiling Train Control diagrams are being transferred. They are available on the Operations Compliance and Assurance procedures intranet web page or by contacting Operations Compliance and Assurance at OpsDivisionCompliance@transport.nsw.gov.au.

These new resources will become Operating Instructions:

  • Transposing Trains
  • Compiling Train Control Diagrams

The technical content remains unchanged. However, any identified grammatical errors and incorrect terminology have been corrected.

Please contact the Network Rules Unit through the RailSafe website or by email to nru@transport.nsw.gov.au