Make a Safe Choice – 10 Good Reasons Why

To maintain safety for customers, the network and each other, Sydney Trains is a drug and alcohol-free workplace.

As a contractor you must adhere to the Sydney Trains Drug and Alcohol policy when working on a Sydney Trains worksite.

This means you must have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of zero and less than the cut-off level stipulated in the AS/NZS 4308 for the detection of drugs.


If you are a Rail Safety Worker working as a contractor and you avoid a test or you take a test and are positive you will be removed from Rail Safety Work and your employer is advised.

You can be tested at any time:  An increased testing schedule for alcohol and drugs, including synthetic substances, as well as utilising all testing methods (including breath testing) for detection of both drugs and alcohol will continue across Sydney Trains worksites, including possessions, as per regulatory requirements.

Don’t avoid a test: You must not refuse a request by an Authorised Officer for the purposes of drug and alcohol testing. Laverty Pathology staff are Authorised Officers and are allowed entry to all Sydney Trains workplaces to carry out testing as required.

Taking the risk isn’t worth it, and it isn’t okay.

If you have any questions, please talk with your employer or your Sydney Trains manager or supervisor.

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