Worksite Protection Hazardous Corridor Locations Register

Sydney Trains is currently in a three phase process of developing an improved Hazardous Rail Corridor Locations Register to help users find and report hazardous locations across the rail network.

Phase 1 has been completed, which has divided the register into two (2) parts. These are called the Worksite Protection Hazardous Locations Register and, as the name suggests, deals with hazards relating only to worksite protection within the danger zone.

A second register, called the Hazardous Rail Corridor Locations (Other), deals with rail corridor hazards outside the danger zone, such as environmental and workplace health and safety issues.

Both registers are now available by clicking the link above, and both are available in a Portable Display Format (PDF) as well as a static Excel Spreadsheet. The PDF and Excel versions are linked to an interactive map where users can click on a specific location, which takes them to the relevant part of the register for that location. As both documents are now live and can be updated at anytime, printing of the register for later reference is discouraged. Users should refer to the register on the website each time they need to for the most up to date and relevant information available.

A new reporting form is now available on this website also. Rail Safety Coaches, Protection Officers and any other workers who utilise the register/s and feel that these need to be updated due to changes in the area of concern, are encouraged to submit these changes, or report new hazards, by use of this form. This updating of current information will form part of Phase 2 of this project to bring you a better and more user-friendly and accurate Hazardous Rail Corridor Locations registry.