Getting ready for Absolute Signal Blocking (ASB) changes

Getting ready for Absolute Signal Blocking (ASB) changes

The Network Rules team is getting ready to provide training and support in the amended versions of the ASB Rule and Procedure which are scheduled for release on Sunday 20 December 2020.

To make sure all Signallers, Protection Officers and impacted Qualified Workers are trained in the enhanced ASB Rule and Procedures, a two hour training session will be delivered at their location.

Training sessions are due to start from Monday 12 October 2020 and will be delivered face to face.  An assessment is also included as part of the session.

Signallers, Protection Officers and other Qualified workers who have not undertaken training in the enhanced Rule and Procedure by 20 December 2020 will not be allowed to implement ASB after this date.

If you haven’t been rostered to attend a training session by Friday 30 October 2020 be sure to let your Manager know.