Generation 4 TOMs go digital

On Sunday, 29 January 2017, the Generation 4 Train Operating Manuals (TOM) for Waratah, Millenium, and Oscar trains were withdrawn as a hard-copy publication from the Network Rules suite of publications, and are no longer printed and distributed.

The TOMs will continue to be published as an online digital resource to the RailSafe website. By removing the printed version the TOM units can then be be updated individually, and without the previously required lead time for printing and distribution of an entire TOM reprint or TOM Notice to capture any changes.

Any Waratah, Millenium and Oscar TOM units currently published on TOM notice will be incorporated into the digitally published TOM manuals, and the TOM notices withdrawn.

From 29 January 2017 the hard-copy publication of the Waratah, Millenium and Oscar TOMs became obsolete and should, therefore, be destroyed. From this date any amendments to Waratah, Millenium, and Oscar TOM units will be made directly to the digital version, TOM notices will for these documents no longer be issued.

Where digital changes occur, an advance electronic notification will be sent to all Train Crewing electronic device holders, and email sent via the Railsafe publications distribution process. This advice will provide a brief summary of the change and effective date.