Five new Signal Key Switches (SKS) commissioned in Central Coast

New SKS location & worksite limits

Refer to the Network Local Appendices (NLA) below. These include worksite limits and first affected signal when key is removed.

No.Line Automatic SignalLocation Worksite Limits
1 Up Main North 40.4 Wondabyne Station Signal 40.4 to Signal HR  170
2 Down Main North 42.9 Woy Woy Signal 42.9 to Signal 45.3
3 Down Main North 45.3 Woy Woy Signal 45.3 to Signal 47.3
4 Down Main North 47.3 Tascott Signal 47.3 to Signal GF1
5 Down Main North 66.9 Warnervale Signal 66.9 to Signal V1

Signal Key Switch Blocking training is available for qualified Protection Officers & Handsignaller Level 2:

  • PO1 to PO4 to implement Signal Key Switch Blocking
  • PO3 to PO4 to implement TWA using signal key switches as part of protection
  • Handsignaller 2 – to use the correct method for operating signal key switches

Please email for further information.

Additional video resources are published on RailSafe