Access Pre-Advice System replaces R.A.I.N

Access Pre-Advice System (APS) replaces R.A.I.N from 30 March 2020.

As with R.A.I.N, APS is an intranet based application for coordinating planned non-LPA network access. APS is managed by the Maintenance Access Planner within the Asset Management Division of Engineering and Maintenance.

This process is used for all non-LPA network access excluding access responding to Network Incidents and any other network access deemed necessary by the NIM.

The intent of APS is to provide visibility of planned non-LPA network access to Operational Stakeholders. APS is used for information and coordination, not for approval.

How to Access APS

To open the Access Pre-Advice System (APS) type the following IP address into the Google Chrome tool bar.

Use your existing PACT Account Name and Password to log into the system. If you do not have an existing PACT account please email Paul Donoghue to request an account name and password.