A new cue card is available for SKS blocking

A new cue card for Signal Key Switch (SKS) Blocking is available on RailSafe for Protection Officers.

SKS Blocking Rule was released in 2019 and a Post Implementation Review of SKS Blocking was conducted recently.

The findings from field observations, safety critical review and feedback gathered include:

  • streamlining the communication process for establishing SKS Blocking
  • awareness of the SKS Blocking assurance process flow
  • lack of familiarity with the SKS Rule & Procedure.

To assist in addressing some of these issues, the SKS Blocking cue card has been developed as a guide for Protection Officers.

The cue card outlines the important steps and safety critical communication assurances to follow when establishing SKS Blocking.

An e-learn refresher training for SKS Blocking will also be rolled out at a later date.