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Protection Officers (PO) Survey


Have your say on PO matters at Sydney Trains

RNM WPP template and tutorials now available for Document Writers


Seven new RNM WPP templates and a three part video tutorial are now available for Document Writers to produce draft RNM WPPs.

Protection Officer (PO) Recertification 2022


The Protection Officer Recertification program has commenced. This page will guide you through the process and what you need to know.

Five new Signal Key Switches (SKS) commissioned in Central Coast


Five new  Signal Key Switches (SKS) were commissioned into operation for use in worksite protection on the Central Coast on 24th July 2022.

A CSN is Optional for work in an LPA


CSN optional for work in an LPA.

Reporting and responding to a Condition Affecting the Network (CAN)


How to report and respond to a CAN

RISI requirements move to a new Network Standard


RISI requirements move from the NR&P Certification Standard to a new Network Standard NS-0923 RISI.

Protection Officer Pre-assessment


Protection Officer Update