Learn more about Safety on the Sydney Trains network with these videos. They are best viewed in Chrome.

Changes to Temporary Speed Signs

The Network Rules Changes in March 2019 implemented the SAFE Notice changes on the use of Temporary Speed Signs, specifically Warning Signs and Intermediate Warning Signs.

RailSafe has produced the following video to assist Qualified Workers on the changes to Temporary Speed Signs.

Coordinated Worksites

Using - X, Y and Z Keys

The Protection Officer re-certification course running in 2020 will include the competency for the use of X, Y and Z keys.

On successful completion of the course and assessment, Protection Officers Level 1 and 2  will be allowed to assess and use X, Y and Z keys as part of worksite protection for Lookout working and ASB.

To prepare Protection Officers for the course, RailSafe has developed the following video.