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Worksite Protection Hazardous Locations

  • Description: The Sydney Trains and NSW Trains Hazardous Rail Corridor Locations Register contains three worksheets. The first is a diagram of the rail corridors, and the second is the detail on each of the corridors. To obtain information relevant to their planned location of work, first select the corridor, then line if relevant, and the station/location or kilometre where the work will be performed.
  • Effective Date: Mon, 07 Ma
  • Version: 8.0
  • Description: Worksite Protection Hazardous Location Register - Printer Friendly Version
  • Effective Date: Mon, 07 Ma
  • Version: 8.0

Other Documents

  • Description: This guide is for anyone who wants to work on or near RailCorp's railway tracks or property. Even work that appears small, like painting a fence backing onto the railway, may require you to comply with this guide. This guide highlights what you need to address under the Rail Safety Act. It will also help you ensure safety is maintained and it describes how you can make it easier for RailCorp to process your application.
  • Effective Date: Tue, 01 No
  • Version:
PDF FileSignal Box Phone List
  • Description: The signal box phone list shows the telephone numbers for Sydney Trains signal boxes.
  • Effective Date: Wed, 18 Oc
  • Version:


  • Description: This handbook has been produced to create an awareness of the hazards and risks faced when working in the rail industry and to familiarise users with the infrastructure and common terminology..
  • Effective Date: Tue, 01 De
  • Version: 5.1
  • Description: This document has been prepared to assist persons performing the role of Protection Officer within the Sydney Trains Network.
  • Effective Date: Mon, 07 Ju
  • Version: 4.0

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