NSG status page

This page shows the current version of the Signals and Signs (NSG) documents. The table below can be used to verify if printed or downloaded copies are current.

DocumentEffective DateVersion
NSG combined units30 Sep 20181.1
NSG 600 Running signals29 Apr 20175.0
NSG 602 Shunting signals29 Apr 20175.0
NSG 604 Indicators and signs30 Sep 20189.1
NSG 606 Responding to signals and signs30 Sep 20185.1
NSG 608 Passing signals at STOP29 Apr 20175.0
NSG 610 Passing indicators at STOP29 Apr 20174.0
NSG 612 Overrun of limit of authority30 Sep 20184.1
NSG 614 Blocking facilities30 Sep 20183.1
NSG 616 Precautions during signalling equipment testing30 Sep 20184.0